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A Bit About Me


Kenzie Gamlin

BSU CCIM + SJSC Undergrad


(260) 200-8453



Greater Indianapolis

Date of Birth:

April 21, 2005

Kenzie on her prom night!

My Story

My name is Kenzie. I am a recent high school graduate from Huntington North High School located in Huntington, IN. 


My friends, family and mentors have always described me as an independent person. Taking control of my life and what I do with it has always come naturally to me. Even from childhood I have taken on many roles that demonstrate this independence, I could never stay still.

I "dabbled" in sports (8 different sports from the ages of 3-16 to be exact), I was a student council representative from 5th to 12th grade, I worked 30+ hrs/week my final years of high school as a waitress, and I also took on more creative endeavors such as being the Writing Editor for my High School Yearbook and singing in my Elementary and Middle School choir. 


I always found I enjoyed myself the most when I was busy. When I did something I found interest in and could spread my joy within. And now that I am completing my stage of adolescence, I continue to find that statement true. 

I adore learning and doing new things. Growing as an individual and creating a life in college has been an incredible opportunity so far. I try to continue this growth by dipping my toes in the world of Communications. 

I love people. I love how they make me feel and I love getting the chance to truly connect with people of all types. So, of course, the communications field seems right up my alley. To further my connections with others whilst incorporating the world of communications, I have been gaining experience by: 

     - Interning through Huntington County Community School Corp.            on their Communications + Technology Team.

     - Committing to multiple extracurriculars such as

             - Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

             - Ball State University Dance Marathon (BSUDM).

             - Ball State University's Chapter of Her Campus (BSUHC).

     - Working on the Comm. Team at Ball State University's Digital              Corps.
Throughout all of this experience, I have written press releases about newsworthy events in my community, learned the basics of photography through a journalistic lens, written a multitude of website copy, and broken the path in social media marketing and overall management. (You can find some of my favorite writing and photography work through my Portfolio page.)
On top of the physical act of communication, visual communication is another interest of mine that I would love to incorporate through my work. While I am still a beginner, I have been taking classes on digital design in hopes of expanding my abilities. You will also find some of my beginner design work in my Portfolio page.

At the end of the day, I am so grateful to have had the experience I have been given and I am excited to continue my education and experiences at Ball State University while majoring in Journalism and Communications. 

Kenzie Gamlin Core Values 5-8-23.jpg

Kenzie at 9 or 10 on her flag football team.

Kenzie at 13 on her middle school volleyball team.

Graduation day with Kenzie's Yearbook Editor Staff.

Kenzie posed with HCCSC School Board Members after being recognized for her Comm. Internship.

Kenzie receiving her diploma at graduation!

Kenzie at 5 or 6 years old on a a walk with her family.

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