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Agency-Style Communication

Joining BSU's Digital Corps and shadowing numerous agencies have given me the understandings of how an agency works and what to expect working in communications within an agency. Check out some examples of my clientele work. 

Script Writing

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The Digital Corps takes on many video projects and being on the communication team, I get the opportunity to write the scripts for these videos. 

Additionally, I have had the chance to work with students that have different interests and skillsets than my own. One of the biggest changes working is working with video lovers.


Working with them and writing their scripts has given me the chance to collaborate effectively, and write efficient and well-rounded scripts. 

Blog Writing

I have always loved blog writing. It is one of my favorite writing styles. With its casual nature and its flexibility it calls my name. So, when I learned the Digital Corps had many blog opportunities I was very excited.

I have been working on two types of blogs thus far. One feature-style set of blogs for the Digital Corps website. These blogs are usually based on Digital Corps students/events, or a topic based on professionalism in the workplace. The other are news style blogs for the Information Technology Department at Ball State.

Both styles of blogs I thoroughly enjoy. I love writing a story into creation and cementing whatever topic into a permanent online space. 

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Content Planning

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Social media has always been a huge part of my life, but as a child, I would have never guessed that it would be a part of my daily work life. But working in a small agency like the Digital Corps, it most definitely is. 

A consistent part of my job is creating content for the Digital Corps' LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn consists of many alumni and current Corps students. And of course there are some other people that keep an eye on us from a distance. 

I share the role with one other Communication Team student in the creation of weekly content planning, posting, and analyzing on our LinkedIn platform.

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