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Public Relations & Marketing

Journey through my work in the strategic, precise works of PR and Marketing.

Communications PR Internship
Huntington County Community School Corp.

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During my senior year of high school, I spent every day working with the Communication Team at HCCSC. I spent my days working on press releases and writing other stories occurring in our expansive school corporation.

The last few months of my internship I also worked with the HCCSC Technology Dept. critiquing, fixing, and organizing parts of the HCCSC website.

I am very grateful for this internship and the amount of valuable IT and PR work experience I gained. I think of this period of my time as developmental and educational. Sharing an important view of the Corporate World. Below are all the written news releases that I had the opportunity to work on.


** A big thank you goes to my mentor and friend Eric Andrews who helped me edit each article and gave me so many opportunities to write. 

Public Relations Student Society of America
Ball State University Chapter

The first BSU activity fair I attended I was introduced to BSU's PRSSA. I was told being a part of PRSSA would give me guidance into the professional world and show me the basics of public relations, but through just a few short months I gained much more than that.

I have met many professionals that have gifted me skills such as resume building, personal branding and networking. Through these professionals I have gained knowledge of the PR industry and the corporate world as a whole. 

The most impactful of my experiences since I have joined PRSSA are joining the executive board as treasurer and participating in Half-Day with a Pro (a half-day job shadowing session and luncheon in Indianapolis). I'm ecstatic to continue my journey through PRSSA until I graduate.


PR Director
Midnight Cafe & Grill Restaurant

PFP testing.png

I started working at Midnight Cafe & Grill at the beginning of the second semester of my freshman year. After waitressing for a short amount of time it became very evident that our advertising, PR, and social media could really use some work. 

I volunteered to take over the social media and work on posting consistent high quality content. Additionally, I took charge and conducted interviews with local collegiate journalists, planned different promotional events, and communicated with our customers and employees when crises occurred. 

Through this job, I have learned the ups and downs of the strategy that comes behind marketing a restaurant to a large city. I will continue to test different PR strategies and learn the diverse levels of the strategic communication.

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