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My name is Kenzie. I am a recent high school graduate from Huntington, IN.
Right now, one may say I am dipping my toes in the world of journalism. To do so, I have had the opportunity to intern through my county's school corporation, take classes in high school that have enhanced my journalistic abilities, and worked on my school's yearbook to capture moments and memories from our school year. 
I have written many press releases about important and newsworthy events happening in my community and I have been taught the basics of photography through a journalistic lens. 

You can find some of my favorite writing and photography work through my Portfolio page. 
Digital design is another interest of mine that I would love to incorporate through my work. While I am still a beginner, I hope to keep expanding my abilities as time goes on. You will also find some of my starting work in my Portfolio page.

I am excited to continue my education and experiences at Ball State University while majoring in Journalism. 


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