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Yearbook Design

As the Writing Editor for my high school's yearbook, it may surprise you that I did much designing for the book. But with only four people on our staff and 1300 students at our school, I did just about everything imaginable for our yearbook team. 

Working with Walsworth, a yearbook creation company gave me expansive flexibility and knowledge on outside of the box design technology. Through this website and many hours of practicing I helped produce more than half of the pages in our yearbook.


For many different clubs and activities I have been a part of, I have made a ton of different flyers and infographics. But for some reason, this one stands out to me.

I was asked to make a postcard for the Digital Corps for an upcoming Ball State event called J-Day. I wasn't given much instruction besides it needed to be 5x7 similar to a post card. So I was off to the races. 

I researched through our tub of leftover design and style guides in our long lineage of OneDrive files and came up with something that I was really proud of. With some help from our professional desing team, this was the finished product! For the view of the back and a higher quality version, click the infographic.

Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 6.51.03 AM.png
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